About Mary X

Mary X is a vinly DJ that specializes in darkwave, coldwave, synthwave, EBM, witch house, dark techno, and many more. She started off her DJ career with † BL∆CK • M∆SS † back in October of 2018. Prior to this, she created fliers and videos/visuals for † BL∆CK • M∆SS † events at The Avenue Cafe in Lansing, MI in 2017.


 Mary X has played in Grand Rapids (at the Tip Top Bar and Rocky's Bar with Vinyl Fetish), Detroit (Tangent Gallery), and Ann Arbor (Factory at Necto).


2020 was a rough year where herself and her new DJ group, Obsidian Nacht, turned to online streaming on Twitch for events.  


In 2020, Mary X was voted number 3 in Top of the Town contest in Lansing for Club DJ. In 2021, Mary X was voted number 2 in Top of the Town.


Mary X, Obsidian Nacht, and Dark Arts of Michigan hope to continue to provide dark and alternative music events for the Laninsg area!